OCEMAC - Civilian and military workers in conflict zones

In peacekeeping operations both civilians and military forces coming from different countries are fundamental to stabilizing and rebuilding zones that have fallen victim to pathological events – civil wars, political crises, social and economic destabilization.
The main international organizations (UN, EU, NATO) take part in various ways in authorizing, setting up and carrying out international missions

The program is developed in collaboration with Arma dei Carabinieri and Esercito Italiano. The goal of the program is to improve collaboration between institutions (in particular the UN, NATO and the EU) and between the civilian and military forces engaged in missions.

The project is aimed specifically at the following individuals:





  • EU officials
  • Officials of the represented member states.
  • Military and police forces employed in EU training/action programs.


  • UN officials
  • Officials of UN member states
  • Representatives of NGOs accredited by ECOSOC
  • DPKO personnel
  • Military personnel of member states accredited by UN committees/agencies.


  • NATO officials
  • Officials of NATO member states.
  • NATO military personnel
  • Military personnel of member states.

300 total participants (civilian and military) may participate in each edition of the project.

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