New Transatlantic Relations: International Organizations and Challenges to Security (NTR) is an advanced intensive course on security and on the purpose of NATO. The course is organized by Consules in collaboration with Comitato Atlantico Italiano (CAI) and the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA). The course was created for graduates and PhDs, qualified professionals, members of the armed forces and police forces.
The aim of the course is to train individuals who have an up-to-date vision of the new security treaties, who are familiar with national and international institutions and with the policies adopted by security/defense industries, who understand the relationship between political, military, economic, social and cultural dynamics.

NTR is sponsored by NATO Public Diplomacy

The program has a six-day-long intensive course which alternates between lectures and team work. The course focuses on issues of global security in a context of legal and historical international relations.
The role of NATO and of other international organizations in peace keeping and security will be analyzed. Special attention will be paid to emerging threats: the strategic use of economic resources (energy assets) and the use of technology to fight terrorism.
The program includes role-play activities during which participants will have the chance of putting into practice the skills acquired during the course.


How to participate

In order to take part in the NTR project, candidates are required to fill out an enrolment form. In order for the form to be complete, a CV will have to be attached. The enrolment process for the next edition of the program will be opening in June 2021.


Past editions

The first edition of the NTR project took place in 2011.
Since then, the project has been organized in four Italian cities (Rome, Florence, Milan and Naples) and it has contributed to the training of hundreds of students, military and civilian personnel from several institutions in addition to armed and police forces.
All participants had the chance of updating their knowledge regarding the new challenges of security and thanks to NTR they can contribute effectively to their field of work.

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