N&PS is a program created by Consules for company managers and corporate executives, with the aim of providing participants with negotiation and public speaking skills. N&SP was created to train managers to skilled debate in a professional context, where the ability of creating and handling consent and dissent regarding one’s opinions and their correct delivery, requires the knowledge of specific tools and techniques.


The Program

N&PS is divided in two main modules. Each module has three, three-hour long lessons. The lessons are carried out in English or Italian, in person or via webinar on a specific learning platform. The learning platform complements the training and research material and at the same time makes checking the participant’s progress possible.

Following you may find a description of the modules of the program:


The module introduces the art of negotiation. The module focuses on the main strategies professional negotiators use in order to reach their goals with the counterpart. Participants will learn how to gain the support of other actors on their proposals, how to create alliances and how to deal with the opposition.

Public Speaking

The module focuses on how to create effective speeches and on communication tools necessary to speak in public. Through specific activities, participants learn how to interact with others in both formal and informal settings, how to entertain a large audience as well a small working group.


Individual work on the Cloud platform

Each lesson of the training course requires each participant to work independently on the Cloud platform. Following the Learning by Doing teaching method, participants are required to put into practice what they have learned in the single modules by doing specific activities.

How to participate

N&PS is activated in accordance with each company. If you are a manager and you would like to activate N&PS in your company, please contact us. We will be glad to talk about activating the program for your business.

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