New Transatlantic Relations




New Transatlantic Relations: International Organizations and Security Challenges” (NTR) is a high-level, intensive course on security and NATO’s role, organized by Consules in partnership with the Italian Atlantic Committee and the Atlantic Treaty Association.

The course is designed for graduates and PhD students, professionals and personnel from the armed forces and national police bodies.

The objective is to form individuals who have an up-to-date vision of the new threats to security, who are familiar with national and international institutions and the policies of the security/defense sectors and understand the connections between political, military, economic and socio-cultural dynamics.

NTR is supported by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division

Giorgio Battisti
General, Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command of the Italian Army


Vincenzo Camporini
General, Former Chief of Defence General Staff of the Italian Republic
Vice President, Istituto Affari Internazionali


Ida Caracciolo
Full Professor of International Law at the Department of Political Science, University of Naples 2


Massimo de Leonardis
Director of the Department of Political Sciences, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
President of the International Commission of Military History


Angela Del Vecchio
Full Professor of International Law at the Department of Law, LUISS Guido Carli University
President of the Scientific Board, Consules


Fabrizio W. Luciolli
President, Atlantic Treaty Association
President, Italian Atlantic Committee


Rinaldo Veri
Admiral, Former President of the Center for Advanced Defense (CASD)
Board Member, Italian Atlantic Committee

The program is based on an intensive, six-day formula which will alternate lectures and group work.

The course deals with the problems of global security within a historical, legal and international-relations framework.  There will be in-depth analysis of the role of NATO and other international organizations in maintaining peace and security. Particular attention will be paid to emerging threats: the strategic use of specific economic resources (energy, capitals); the use of computer technology for war or terrorist purposes.

The program also includes a simulation of a meeting of the Atlantic Council in charge of addressing an international security problem. Participants will be asked to perform as the permanent representatives of the NATO members in the negotiation to address the problem. During the simulation, participants will have the opportunity to make a practical use of the knowledge acquired during the course.


The staff consists of academics and scholars coming from internationally renowned research centers, senior officers of the Armed Forces and experts in specific fields. Thanks to the contribution of university professors and officials/experts, theoretical and  explanatory needs will be combined with the in-depth analysis of operational questions.

Certificate of participation

The organizing bodies will award a certificate of participation that the participants will be able to have recognized within relevant bodies.

The organizing bodies pledge to provide the participants with all the necessary documentation to allow the acknowledgement of credits by the university of origin and to allow members of the Armed Forces and national police bodies to enroll in their chosen course.


Participants will be required to pay an enrolment fee of € 290.00, which partially cover the overall cost of the project.

The significant reduction of the participation costs was decided by the organizing bodies who created bursaries that will cover the remaining part of the participation costs of all students admitted to the program.

To be accepted as a participant in the NTR project, once registrations are open, the candidate has to submit the application form, which requires also a résumé (curriculum vitae) to be attached.

Requests will be evaluated on a rolling basis every week until all spots have been assigned.

The application process is open until an official deadline, but since we have a first-come first-served policy within the rolling admission, the application procedure may be closed before that date.

Once the candidate receives the acceptance letter from the admission office he/she will be able to refine the application procedure.

The first edition of the NTR project was run in 2011.

Since then the project has been organized in four Italian cities (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples) and has contributed to the training of hundreds among students and civil-military personnel from difference institutions and armed/police forces.

All the participants had benefited from the opportunity to update their knowledge on the new security challenges and to thanks to NTR they can give a more valuable contribution in their respective fields.


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